Tea(r)s And Sorrow

“TEA(r)S AND SORROW” is an investigation game, specially designed for large groups who want to have the same experience in the exact same time (groups who do not wish to split into teams).

For about 2 hours, you will take on the role of experienced investigators who must solve the mystery surrownding the death of magnate Rupert Graves. You will explore an entire mansion, analyze various pieces of evidence, gather information about the suspects and eventually find and convict the culprit.

This experience is especially suitable for murder mystery fans and amateurs of challenges or plot twists. The game is not scary or horror, but the mood and overall feeling is that of a classic film noir.

Bookings for this game can only be made via phone or email.

If you wish to book this game for a party or special event, catering options can be made available.

Minimum recommended age is 12.

8 / 10
No. of players
6 - 20 pers.
2 - 2.5 h
en_GBEnglish (UK)