Spectacular Escape Experiences

The Codex's mission has always been the same: to help you escape. No, not just from our games, but especially from real life.
For an hour (or maybe even more), we want to take you to another world. A different world, full of mystery and charm, in which normal laws do not apply… A world where everything happens differently, where magic comes to life around you and nothing seems impossible.

In order to better fulfill this mission, we decided to move to a new venue.
A space in which we will dedicate over 600 square meters to the construction of another universe. Unique, unique, full of brilliance, suspense, adrenaline and especially magic. A universe from which you may no longer want to escape…

At the moment, the new venue offers only experiences dedicated to large groups of at least 10 people (these are created especially for events, anniversaries, parties and team buildings). For such reservations, please contact us by email or phone.
In the meantime, we invite you to try the adventures we have prepared in our location at Troll Escape Rooms. Travel back in time to the late 1800's in Steampunk Chronicles (The Codex's newest experience, rated with the highest score by Escape Central) or venture into the lab of a mad scientist in an attempt to save mankind from extinction in Virus 2.0.

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