"Best Escape Rooms in Bucharest!"

Escape Rooms

A room, a theme, a captivating mission. Mysteries, challenges and mesmerizing setups that transport you in a fascinating fantasy world.

The only thing that seems real is the constant, obsessive beat of the clock. You have a limited time to escape and minutes seem to pass by quicker and quicker…

What do we guarantee? Adventure, mystery, adrenaline and… addiction. Because you only have to try it once to become addicted for ever!

What do we require? Logic, attention to detail and most of all a desire to have amazing, incredible fun! Plus some of your friends to share this amazing experience with you.

*Minimum 2, maximum 6 people.

Challenge Rooms

The Codex is the founder of the first and only Challenge Rooms in the world. Part escape room, part strategic board game. Filled with puzzles, enigmas and conundrum, but also hazard and ruthless competition. Welcome to the one and only real life game where you get to compete against time, against “the house” and against another team, equally motivated and eager to win.

Two identical rooms. Two teams, 90 minutes and a shocking mission. Plus 500$ that you must spend wisely.

Test your ambition and determination! Choose to be fair-play or surprise your opponents with clever sabotage techniques. Come try the most electrifying and irresistible game in Romania!

*Minimum 4, maximum 14 people.