Go back in time to “The Roaring 20’s”, across the ocean, in the capital city of the Mafia and infiltrate Al Capone’s gang.
To succeed, you must look like them, speak like them, act like them. Accomplish your mission and you’ll make it out alive. Fail and you’ll face some… permanent consequences.

Come play the first escape room in Bucharest that offers the option of a LIVE PERFORMANCE.
Choose the classic game-play or book your game on a Tuesday/ Thursday to enjoy the live performance version.

* Min. age 16 years
** Min. 2, max. 5 persons
*** Available only in English
**** Live performance every Tuesday & Thursday

Messed with The Mob and got away with it



You awake in an unfamiliar place, resembling an old, medieval castle. You are surrounded by mysterious objects and symbols and the door behind you shuts with a loud noise, leaving you trapped.
Looking for a way out, you stumble upon a letter addressed to you…
It seems you are locked in the chambers of a powerful secret society and your only chance to escape is successfully passing the Initiation Trial. You have 60 minutes to summon the cult’s High Priest and convince him you are worthy of his assembly.

*min. 2, max. 6 persons
** Available in English and Romanian

Escape Rate:



You are a highly skilled hitman commisioned to assassinate billionaire William Eldridge. You manage to infiltrate a party thrown in his honor, hoping this will prove to be the perfect opportunity to accomplish your mission.
Your main goal is to procure a weapon, eliminate the target, dispose of the body properly and ultimately manage to get away, leaving no evidence that can be traced back to you.
You have 90 minutes, but so does your fiercest competitor.
Will you be able to complete your mission as well as dodge your opponent’s efforts to slow you down?

* Min. age 17 years
** Min. 4, max. 16 persons
*** Available in English and Romanian
**** Two rooms and a common area, competition game

Highest score so far is: 0 pts.


Two famous detective agencies challenge each other in solving the most difficult case in the history of Scotland Yard. Who will manage to solve the mystery behind millionaire’s Eldridge disappearance? Who will uncover the clues and eventually get the reward?
The Detectives game is a perfect choice for children bookings and anniversary parties. Each player experiences the same dynamic, interactive and challenging adventure.

To book this game, please contact us at

* Max. age 16 years
** Min. 10, max. 18 persons
*** Two rooms and a common area, competition game

Highest score so far is 0 points