Enter a fascinating world and become the hero of your own story!
FUN. Unique. Challenging. Bold.
Experience things you've only seen in movies!
“Most FUN I have ever had in an escape room!”

About Escape & Challenge Rooms

Escape Rooms

A room, a theme, a captivating mission. Mysteries, challenges and mesmerizing setups that transport you in a fascinating fantasy world.

The only thing that seems real is the constant, obsessive beat of the clock. You have a limited time to escape and minutes seem to pass by quicker and quicker…

What do we guarantee? Adventure, mystery, adrenaline and… addiction. Because you only have to try it once to become addicted for ever!

What do we require? Logic, attention to detail and most of all a desire to have amazing, incredible fun! Plus some of your friends to share this amazing experience with you.

*Minimum 2, maximum 6 people.

Challenge Rooms

The Codex is the founder of the first and only Challenge Rooms in the world. Part escape room, part strategic board game. Filled with puzzles, enigmas and conundrum, but also hazard and ruthless competition. Welcome to the one and only real life game where you get to compete against time, against “the house” and against another team, equally motivated and eager to win.

Two identical rooms. Two teams, 90 minutes and a shocking mission. Plus 500$ that you must spend wisely.

Test your ambition and determination! Choose to be fair-play or surprise your opponents with clever sabotage techniques. Come try the most electrifying and irresistible game in Romania!

*Minim 4, maxim 14 persoane.


Each of our games has a different cost, to which a fixed price of  40 RON/ person is added.


In order to calculate the final cost for your experience, please check the chart below:

Secret Society (60 min.) 60 RON for the game (+40 RON/ person) Book now!
Prohibition (60 min.) 80 RON for the game (+40 RON/ person) Book now!
Challenge – Can You Get Away With Murder (90 min.) 170 RON for the game (+40 RON/ person) Book now!

Example for a group of 4 persons playing Secret Society: 60 RON + (4 pers. x 40 RON) = 220 RON


What is an Escape Room?
An escape room is a real life game that takes place in a specially designed room for a limited amount of time, during which you have to look for clues and hidden objects, solve puzzles and unlock items in order to escape in time.
What is a Challenge Room?
Imagine a real life escape game combined with a real life board game, taking place in two identical rooms plus a specially designed game area. You have 90 minutes to find the best solution and defeat your opponents, and you can choose between two available game modes: Fair-play or Sabotage.
We’re a big group. What are our options?
Based on the number of people, we have several game options. Give us a call at (+40) 770.863.122 or write us an e-mail at office@thecodex.ro.
Who can play an Escape Game?
Absolutely everyone. Children, teenagers, adults, even grandparents. People who speak either Romanian or English (or both). People who love adventure and mysteries and are in the mood for some clever, witty fun.
Why should I try a Challenge Room?
Because you are competitive. Smart. Resourceful. Because you love to win and you can handle pressure. Because you thrive when challenged, you’re not afraid of competition and you cannot wait to show your friends/ colleagues what you’re made of!
I want to organize a team building. Can you help me?
Of course. We’ve already hosted dozens of team buildings at our headquarters. Tell us your requirements at 0040770863122 / 0040744355921 or write us an e-mail at office@thecodex.ro.
Why would I want to play this?
Because even though it is considered entertainment, it’s actually brain fitness. Because you can play Sherlock or James Bond, because you’ll experience things you’ve only seen in movies. Because it will leave you feeling like you have just acted in your own fantasy story, only it never felt more real!
Do I need to bring something? What can I do with my personal belongings?
Yes. You need to bring your game mood and desire to have amazing, incredible fun J. Your personal belongings can be locked in specially designated areas or you can take them in the room with you.
I’m planning an anniversary/ surprise party.
Then you’ve come to the right place! Aside from the actual games, we can help you throw an amazing party, filled with unexpected, lovely surprises. Give us a call at 0040770863122 / 0040744355921 or write us an e-mail at office@thecodex.ro
What if I get stuck or can’t escape in time?
If you get stuck, you can always ask for hints. If you can’t make it out in time don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you locked in there J
How can I book one of your games?
Click on the “Bookings” page and choose your desired game and an available time slot. Or give us a call at (+40) 770.863.122 or an e-mail at office@thecodex.ro.
I want to surprise someone.
Wonderful! You can buy him/ her a gift voucher or you can bring him/ her to one of our rooms and we will make sure to integrate your surprise in the actual game, whether it’s a birthday gift, a thank-you card, an engagement ring or whatever you wish!

Extra Services


Are you planning a corporate party or a team building for you and your colleagues? You have a large team but you’d want all people to have the exact same experience/ game?

Then come try the only Challenge Rooms in Romania! You’ll face a unique and adrenaline filled mission, where your ambition, attention and team work will play a paramount role in your success. Prove your team player abilities in the “Fair-play” game mode or surprise your opponents with the “Sabotage” game mode.


It’s your daughter’s/ son’s birthday? Is she/ he older than 12 but younger than 18? Are children playgrounds obsolete but you feel like it’s too soon for club/ bar parties?

Then throw them an escape party!

We guarantee and extremely fun and entertaining experience, and we offer specially designated areas for food & cake serving plus tons of surprises for your kid and his/ her guests!


With more than 10 years of experience in advertising and event planning, our team can help you create incredible experiences for your clients and/ or colleagues. We develop customized escape games for product launches, conferences,, corporate events ad team buildings. We have specially designed games that can accommodate up to 400 people and we offer the possibility to tailor any concept/ theme on a given brief.

We have already developed and implemented highly appreciated game experiences for several multinational companies, advertising agencies and some of the best team building firms. Send us your brief or ask for our credentials at office@thecodex.ro .


Are you interested in opening your own escape room? Are you looking for concepts, decorations, props or special puzzle ideas? Do you want to purchase a completely packaged escape room or maybe you are just shopping for a particular puzzle/ challenge idea? Then contact us at office@thecodex.ro and we will do our best to meet -and exceed-  your demands at very cost-efficient fees.

The Codex is the sole creator of the first Challenge Rooms in the world – a real  life escape game combined with a strategic board game. This concept has the highest request rate and it received amazing reviews. If you are interested in purchasing this game or the base concept, write us an e-mail at office@thecodex.ro .


E-mail: office@thecodex.ro

Tel: (+40) 770.863.122 / +(40) 0744.355.921

Address: Traian 109 st., Sector 2, Bucharest


Working hours:
Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 to 23:00.
(Only on confirmed booking basis).
We’re closed on Mondays.


You can reach us by public transportation with trams no. 14, 40, 55, 56 and bus no. 133.